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 Pacific Batteries Ltd is the only company set-up in the South Pacific capable of Design, Development, Manufacturing and marketing of lead-acid Batteries for Automotive,, Marine, Deep Cycle, Golf cart, Traction and VRLA (Solar, UPS, Telecom) Application. Pacific Batteries Ltd has been at the forefront of Battery production in Fiji ever since it first opened shop back in 1965 under the mantle of ACE Battery Co. Pacific Batteries Ltd started with only a staff of five, the company’s commitment of delivering quality batteries saw local and export demand for Pacific Batteries increase exponentially and now employs over 100 workers.

With a reputation for quality products and service, the company size and battery product range continued to grow offering and delivering more and more battery choices to both local and international market exporting to countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati, Solomons, Vanuatu, Singapore and Middle East such as Bahrain and Oman to name a few. We are also the supplier of batteries for Toyota Dealers in 7 different Pacific Island Countries.

Pacific Batteries is committed to a culture of continued improvement. This is both reflected in their achievement and various industry awards that they have secured over the years. We also have taken a step further towards the climate change effect on the environment by establishing a state-of-the-art Lead Recycling Plant specifically designed to dispose of used batteries in an environmentally sound manner.

Today, Pacific Batteries continues to lead the way in battery production in Fiji producing a diverse range of Lead Acid Batteries in Automotive, Deep-cycle, Marine, Golf cart, Traction and VRLA (Solar, UPS, Telecom) Application. In addition we also tailor-make batteries for individual customer’s needs.

Pacific Batteries has set a benchmark of high quality and International standard here in Fiji and their commitment and dedication to deliver products and service will serve them well to ensure long term success in the battery business.Factory Pic Editted


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